The SpeelDagHB is a day filled with activities, experiments, information, inspiration, motivation, challenges and more. Ment for young (presumably) gifted children and their parents.

Nina is qualified BHV'er
(first aid and safety).

Will you join us?

Will you help us providing young (presumably) gifted children and their parents with an inspirational day? A day full of peercontact, discovering and experiencing new and challenging areas.

Can you complete our program? We would love to hear from you!

We are always aiming for a mixture of creativity, experiment, thinking outside the box, inspiration, discovering something new, relaxation, information and more. It is important to us to 'let the children experience for themselves. For example:

  • Drawing (e.g. cartoon, manga, mandala)
  • Music (instrument, staff-lines, mixing/ DJ)
  • Dans and expresion (Jazz ballet, break dance, fashion show, make up)
  • Creativity (drama, puppet show, phantasmagoria, hobby materials)
  • Language (foreign languages, writing stories)
  • Technology (wood, metal, building, construction kits, chain reaction)
  • Physics and chemistry (focal distance, lenses, energy, experiments)
  • Biology and nature (animal sounds, predators, reptiles, dinosaurs, plants, flowers, human body)
  • Universe and astronomy (Earth arise, spray, black holes, moon, space travel)
  • Healthy lunch (fruit, vegetables, sandwich)
  • Especially for our youngest guests, age 3-5, we would like to offer 'a programm of their own'.
  • Can you offer a programm fitting the boys and girls ages 10-12? We would love to hear from you.
  • Your activities are so much fun, you must be here today (camp, workshops, information meating)
  • Information to share with the parents (knowledge, boooks, activities)
  • ...

Can you offer a programm enabling the children to experience for themselves? Are you organising activities that are so much fun? Do you have information to share with parents? Please contact us by e-mail of telephone 06 - 16 946 704 (Marjolijn) of 06 - 40 894 713 (Nina).


08:00u - You are welcome to prepare your classroom.
09:45u - Doors open to the public that has for registered and prepaid.
10:00u - Doors open to the public.
11:00u - Beginning of workshop round 1 (duration 45 - 60 min).
13:30u - Beginning of workshop round 2 (duration 45 - 60 min).
16:00u - Doors close.
17:00u - The building must be empty.


Everybody who has turnover pays € 20,- as a contribution in renting the building (e.g. selling books, games, materials).
If there is no turnover, then there is no contribution.
Do you offer a workshop/ programm to the children in wich they use materials? Then it is possible to charge the materialcosts. These costs will be mentioned on our website. The public will pay these costs directly to you.


As soon as we know the planning we will make this available on the schedule.
We will send you practical information and updates by e-mail.
Marjolijn en Nina can be reached, almost 24/7, for questions. E-mail or call 06 - 16 946 704 (Marjolijn), 06 - 40 894 713 (Nina).


Coffee and tea are free of charge.
Please take your own lunch.


Basisschool De Malelande, Juttepeergaarde 2 in Amersfoort, (free parking or public transportation; bus X2).

Contact & online.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (questions about for registering and agenda)
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (questions about PR and sponsoring)
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